Practice Area - General Counseling

With 20 years of experience as a business litigator and trial attorney, Mr. Seabolt has seen myriad ways in which otherwise promising business transactions and business relationships can turn sour. Through his experience, Mr. Seabolt has gained valuable insight into how to foresee and mitigate souring business relationships. Mr. Seabolt frequently counsels clients on how to deescalate business disputes and how to navigate and resolve business disputes without resorting to litigation. Mr. Seabolt has negotiated a broad range of business transactions on behalf of his clients, often in the context of avoiding or settling business disputes. These negotiations have ranged from simple payment and release agreements to more complex business transactions, such as long-term commercial agreements, asset purchase agreements, equity buyouts, refinancing and recapitalization, forbearance agreements, research and development agreements, licensing, warranty, indemnification, sales commissions, non-solicitation, non-compete, and non-disclosure agreements, among others.

Given his broad and diverse experience, clients frequently call upon Mr. Seabolt for general counsel and trusted advice on a variety of legal matters. Drawing upon his 20 years of experience, Mr. Seabolt helps clients identify risks and opportunities in their business affairs and develop strategies to mitigate risks and leverage opportunities. Mr. Seabolt frequently serves as outside general counsel for start-ups and other companies that do not have in-house legal staff.

Practice Areas

Business Litigation

Mr. Seabolt believes that once the decision is made to litigate a business dispute, preparing the case with a view toward trial will give his clients the best chance of success...

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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Mr. Seabolt recognizes that his clients are not in the business of litigating disputes. Thus, while he prepares each case with a view toward trial, he remains vigilant...

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Internal Investigations

Internal investigations are delicate, but can be immensely important when it comes to identifying legal risks and mitigating legal exposure. Mr. Seabolt has extensive...

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General Counseling

With 20 years of experience as a business litigator and trial attorney, Mr. Seabolt has seen myriad ways in which otherwise promising business transactions and business...

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